Corporate Profile
 Firm name  O&k Company Limited
 Kazuta Oku, President and Representative Director
 Paid in Capital
 50,000,000 Japanese Yen
 Production and distribution of Cold Heading Quality Steel
 Wires and other secondary steel products for both domestic
 and overseas markets.
 Heat treating services for metals.
 Headquarters・Technological development & Training Center,
 Osaka Plant(Operations),Nagoya Plant,Gunma Plant,
 Kishiwada Plant and
Mizuhai Plant
 O&k American Corp.(US business control)
 Kobe CH Wire (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
 (Joint Venture of Kobe Steel, O&k, Mahajak Auto Parts and
Investment Ratio : 30% by Kobe Steel, 25% by O&k,
 20% by MAP
 Kobelco CH Wire Mexicana, C.V.
  (Joint Venture in Mexico.)
  (Capital participation: O&k American Corp.5%)
Locations of each operation

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Headquarters combined facilities for testing and trial process of various kinds of steel wires, and employee training center.
Headquarters・Technological development & Training Center
12-25, Higashiyama-Cho, Higashiosaka, Japan
Phone:072-988-1101 Fax.072-988-1108

Western Division
Osaka Plant is combined with corporate administrative functions. It is an integrated plant to supply cold heading steel wires to both domestic and overseas customers.
Osaka Plant
8-81, Nakajima 2-Chome, Nishiyodogawa-Ku, Osaka, Japan
Phone:06-6471-0110 Fax.06-6472-0554

Central Division
Sophisticated production system for the shortest lead time by taking advantage of the location close to the raw materials storage site brought in from Steel manufacturers.
Nagaya Plant
7-3, Kanaoka, Tobishima-Mura, Ama-Gun, Aichi, Japan
Phone:0567-55-2121 Fax.0567-55-2130

Eastern Division
State-of-art production control system enables O&k to supply products timely to the customers scattered in the vast region of Eastern Japan.
Gunma plant
2925-1, Yabuzuka-cho, Ota, Gunma, Japan
Phone:0277-78-8888 Fax.0277-78-8881


Kishiwada Plant
20-56, Rinkai-Cho, Kishiwada, Osaka, Japan
Phone:072-437-4867 Fax.072-432-2831
Mizuhai Plant
1-9-18, Mizuhai, Higashiosaka, Osaka, Japan
Phone:072-964-8828 Fax.072-964-5651

Chicago Plant
4630 W.55th Street, Chicago, IL. 60632
Tel.773-767-2500 Fax.773-767-4717
Seymour Plant
1625 Bateman Road, Seymour, IN. 47274
Tel.773-767-2500 Fax.812-522-7530

Kobe CH Wire (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
67/16 Moo 5 Chuam Samphan Road, Kokfad, Nongjok, Bangkok 10530 Thailand
Phone:(66)02-988-0576 Fax:(66)02-988-0954

History of O&k

January, 1925
Mr. Kaneo Oku founded a steel wire distributor in Osaka
March, 1945 Commenced wire production at Higashiyama-Cho, Higashi-Osaka.
January, 1949 Incorporated - Okukane Tessen Co., Ltd and started manufacturing steel wires in screw specifications. Paid in capital 3 million Yen.
February, 1965 Mr.Takao Oku, founder's son, succeeded operation and took charge of representative director as president.
September,1972 Merged Kawakin Kogyo Co., Ltd., and changed Corporate name to O& Company Limited at the same time. (Paid-in Capital : 38 million yen.)
August, 1974 O&k Sales, Inc was founded as a fully owned subsidiary of O&k Company Limited, Paid in Capital 10 million Yen
May, 1980 Established O&K Steel(USA),Inc in Illinois USA for Market Research, the smooth and efficient exportation of wire. Installed production facilities subsequently for commencing production in the United States.
July, 1981 Took over Settsu Tessenn Co., Ltd, and changed business name to O&k Steel, Co., Ltd operating as O&k Osaka plant substantially.
April, 1982 Increased Paid in Capital to 50 million Yen.
September, 1985 Acquired whole issued stocks of Wire Sales Company in Chicago, one of the largest steel wire producers in the US since 1933.
December, 1987 Established O&k American Corp. for the purpose of integrated management of existing subsidiaries, and future planning.
January, 1991 Transferred administrative functions to the office in Osaka plant, newly remodeled.
April, 1993 Founded and activated Gunma plant in Yabutsuka, Gunma.
August, 1996 Accredited ISO9002(Registered No.JQA-1250) to a whole operation of the company.
August, 1997 O&k Osaka Test Center qualified ISO/IEC 17025(Registered No.200166-0) as a first qualified Japanese Corporation.
August, 1997 Kobe CH Wire(Thailand) Co., Ltd. founded jointly in Thailand.(Capital participation: 11%)
April, 2000 Accredited ISO14001(JQA-EM0555) for whole operation of the company.
June, 2001 Accredited QS-9000(JQA-QA0150) at Western Division.
June, 2002 25% capital participation in Kobe CH Wire (Thailand) Co., Ltd. by share acquisition.
December, 2002 Established OKUKANE Corporation for the purpose of technical development and technical assistance.
May, 2003 Accredited ISO9001-2000 Version as advancement of ISO9002.
October, 2004 Accredited ISO/TS16949(JQA-AU0061) for whole operation of the company.
February, 2005 Accredited ISO/TS16949:2002(OY801-TSI) for O&k American Corp.
October, 2007 Accredited Authorized Exporter(Authorization No.E4070002)
November, 2007 Purchased all JV partner's shares of O&K Steel Co., Ltd., and turned it into a wholly owned subsidiary.
March, 2008 Former President, Takao Oku has been elected Board Chairman / CEO, and Kazuta Oku, the former Executive Vice President, has been promoted to the President accordingly.
July, 2010 Merged O&K Steel Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary.
October, 2010 O&k American Corp. established its 2nd manufacturing facility in Seymour, Indiana, U.S.A.
January, 2013 O&k Osaka Test Center qualified ISO/IEC 17025(Registered No.RTL03650) by JAB.
September, 2014 Established a joint venture company, Kobelco CH Wire Mexicana, C.V. in Mexico.(Capital participation: O&k American Corp.5%)
March, 2016 Mr.Takao Oku has died.