Latest additions of products and grades of steels

New products
1.Wires coated with our original coating corresponding to "the control of phosphorizing" We accomplished making a coating that contains no phosphorus , has same machining performance equal to zinc phosphate coating (commonly known as Bondelite), uniformity and strength.
Patent applied for coating equipment and coation process.
Phosphorizing is specified in the column of strength class 12.9 in JIS and ISO standards. Strength class 10.9 would be applied for bolts for motor vehicle.
2.Tarnish control of parts heat treated. Heat treated and uncoated cold formed parts may tarnish, caused by lubrication, after heat treatment. Lubricant having low potency of tarnish and processing performance equivalent to bonderizing.
3.Wires extend life span of processing oil Lubricant having high lubricity to be able to supply thin and uniform coating, and eliminating "overloaded stick" and "unevenness of coating" causal factors of deterioration of cold forming processing oil.
4.Guarantee the full length of the wire. We installed ECPS (Eddy Currency Partial Shaving) system on the drawing process to detect defects and shave them, if any, in the line, so that we are able to obtain メzero defects surface of the cold heading and forging wireモ at the end of the line. This system enables us to guarantee the full length of the wire. (Available finished sizes should be 9.5 to 26mm)
5.Wires annealed with hydrogen gas. By annealing wires in pure hydrogen gas, the cleaned surface would be without any contamination, such as scales and smuts. It contributes to antipollution measure and quality improvement and facilitates heat treatment for special steels and non ferrous materials.
New grades
1.Micro alloying steel
KNCH7(for JIS standards 7T)
KNCH8(for JIS standards 8T)
KNCH9(for JIS standards 9T)
Parts having high tensile could be produced without quenching and tempering. The grades of S added symbol, which extend the life of mold tools , are available.
2.Bismuth free cutting steel Nonpolluting free cutting steel and is substituted for lead free cutting steel.
3.Anti-delayed fracture steel This steel is for bolting material in high tensile strength bolts of Class 120kgf/mm2 and 130kgsf/mm2. Symbol of grade is SCM425T Controlled rolling techniques to prevent delayed fracture have been developed for SCM435. Decrease C,Si,P,S and increase Ti content to prevent delayed fracture.
4.Steels for extending the life of mold tools.
Controlled rolling techniques to extend the life of mold tools for cold heading and forging have been developed. They decrease C,Si,P,S and increase Cr add B.
5.Steels having excellent deformability.
Extreamly low carbon steel decreased C,Si,Mn and added Ti,Nb,Cr.