In October, 2004 We, O&K obtained ISO/TS16949 Qualification.
To enforce quality control to meet the customer's requirements for quick delivery of high quality products, Western Division challenged and obtained QS-9000 qualification in March, 2001.
In this stormy age, customers' requirements are, also, liable to variation and become more and more severe. To cope with them, we always anticipate needs of the marketplace, and execute consecutive improvement of quality for the customers' further satisfaction. Entire control of the production process is the royal road to customers' ultimate satisfaction.

O&K Osaka Test Center obtained ISO/IEC 17025's approval for their accredited test center.
Although our company has received authorization of first ISO/IEC 17025 in the inside of Japan from the overseas accreditation organization on August 11, 1997 until now,
Furthermore, authorization was received from JAB (Japan Accreditation Board) for the purpose of the improvement in maintenance management on January 18, 2013.

Registered No.qsk03650
Optical emission spectrometers have been installed in Osaka plant for All customers service.

We established trustworthy systems to the customers with various testing equipments, computers installed in all plants to supply high level quality of wires suitable for diversified needs.
Roughness Gauge (For surface roughness) Bauden Tester
(For Strength of surface coating)
Ion Chromatography
(For negative ion elements in liquid solution)
Optical emission spectrophotometer
(For chemicals in steels)